Welcome to ZYMOLKA.COM, the home of my watercolor creations.  Of all the different kinds of media I have worked with watercolor is the more difficult, but most expressive.  Watercolors are ideal for my interpretations of nature’s many treasures in their various forms.

Here is a sample of my latest creations I call the "Creatures" Series.  Maybe I should have called it "Evolution" instead, as it has evolved from, but is very different from anything I have done before.  And, happily, I must be on the right path, as my new style has been quickly accepted into many national and international juried exhibitions. I hope you enjoy what you can discover in these paintings of nature, color and imagination, real and fantastic.

Anita Zymolka Amrhein

Please check out the Gallery for more examples of  my paintings.

Flight of Fancy #3